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Record your live gig

With the ability to output busses and channels direct from our Soundcraft Vi1 mixer into a laptop based digital audio workstation (DAW) it seems logical that we should offer bands the opportunity (where dB Live Sound provide the PA system) to have the gig recorded. We can even offer different recording options depending on what’s needed…oh… and of course budget. So our options are: we can output the main mix direct from the desk (not great for smaller gigs where some audience sound is from backline along with the PA), we can take subgroup outputs (drums, vocals, guitars, keys, etc.) and output those to recorded tracks for mixdown or, we can output all the channel inputs for a complete mix option after the event. There is also a choice to have the raw tracks for bands to mix themselves or have us mix and master.

All this is made possible by using a MADI interface that takes the digital signals direct from our desk into the laptop. Of course this will need additional staffing at gigs and extra kit but I think some bands will like this….

Any bands reading this, let us know what you think….

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