Our new promo video

Have you seen it yet? We think it’s great (but we might be biased), many thanks to Neil of NE Productions for filming and producing our new video.The footage was recorded at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury and the Evesham Arts Centre with local band Skora kindly giving up their time to provide the live sounds.For the video we used our VQNet Live rig for Front of House with the 40 channel Soundcraft MH4 (yes we do still use analogue and love it – subject for another blog….) and HK wedges / fills with our Soundcraft SM20 for monitoring.It’s a strange experience being filmed, however NE Productions made the process easy – very quickly we forgot about the cameras and just got on with setting up the PA and mixing the band.After shooting many different clips throughout the filming days, Neil prepared a 1st look promo and provided a selection of clips for us to select or reject. After selecting some intro music and suggesting a few tweaks we got to the final version below which is now published.

dB Live Sound Promo Video

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