Yamaha tops with Subs - dB Live Sound PA Hire

PA 7 – 2000W per side including Subs

Package Price £200.00

Package Description

1000W tops with 1000W per side subs – Active Speakers from Yamaha.

Pole mounts included.


FoH Power 4000W
FoH Max SPL 134dB
FoH Processing Active Speakers
FoH Desk Analogue
Mons Speakers None
Mons Amps None
Mons Control None
Mics 3 x SM58
Mic Stands 3 x K&M Boom
Sound Engineer  None
Delivery & Setup: 10 miles  £20.00
Delivery & Setup: 25 miles  £30.00
Delivery & Setup: 50 miles  £50.00
Delivery & Setup: Over 50 Miles  PoA
Additional Wired Mic  £5.00
Wireless Vocal Mic  £25.00
DI Box  £5.00
Additional Hour £ over 8 hours on-site  £15.00

Speaker Specifications

12″ 2-way Active Loudspeaker System
The DSR112 is the most compact and versatile multi-purpose 2-way active loudspeaker system in the series. Capable of an astonishing maximum peak SPL of 134dB, the DSR112 is a perfect match to a wide range of portable PA and installation applications. Ideal for use as a front of house main PA, as well as for stage monitoring applications, it also includes integrated M10 rigging points for suspended applications.


The new DXS15mkII capable of producing tight, thunderous low frequencies as low as 40Hz and a maximum SPL of 135dB, this updated model’s optimized band-pass design and state-of-the-art DSP ensure the extremely high power output is focused, powerful, and distortion-free.

15″ powered subwoofer with 1020W class-D power amplifier
High-output 15″ woofer with a band-pass design cabinet for superior bass response and a maximum 135dB SPL
40Hz-150Hz frequency range is ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms
Built-in D-XSUB processing allows you to extend the frequency response even lower
Plywood cabinet is durable and acoustically optimized for maximum sound quality
Cardioid mode for bass management onstage
Selectable X-OVER (80/100/120 Hz)
M20 and Ø35 mm dual pole sockets

Package Features

RMS Power 4000 W
SPL 134 dB
Approx. Audience Size 150 ppl