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PA 8 – 3kW per side – Full FoH and Monitor Package

System Price From £400.00 per day

System Description

PA 8 – 3kW per side – Full FoH and Monitor Package with Digital Desk

Amazing clarity with compact size – point source system that is perfect for bands & DJs when sound quality at all frequencies really matters.

Max Audience500
List Price From £ 400.00
FoH SpeakersTannoy VQ Live
FoH Power7kW
FoH Max SPL140
FoH ProcessingKlark Technik DN9848 + Lab Gruppen FP7000 + Active 3-way
FoH DeskAllen & Heath SQ6
Mons Speakers4 x HK VT115X
Mons Amps2 x HK VX2400
Mons ControlFoH iPad
MicsFull Band Mic set (shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica | BSS & Orchid DI Boxes))
StandsFull Band set (K&M)
Sound Engineer £150 (8 hours – before midnight)
Delivery & Setup: 10 miles £65.00
Delivery & Setup: 25 miles £85.00
Delivery & Setup: 50 miles £100.00
Delivery & Setup: Over 50 Miles PoA
Additional Wired Mic£ – Included
Wireless Vocal Mic (Shure/Sennheiser) (each) £25.00
DI Box (each)£ – Included
Additional Hour £ over 8 hours on-site £35.00